Our Story

Here at AthletikCo, our mission is clear - to ensure that our customers experience relief from pain, injuries, or any other conditions that they are aiming to overcome. We design, engineer, manufacture and deliver products that are aimed to be customer centric - products that provide relief so that you can continue to live your lives to the fullest with your friends, family and loved ones.

We work extremely close with researchers and scientists to first understand what types of issues our customers are dealing with - whether they be the knee, calf, patella, ankle, back, or various other body parts. Once we focus in on a certain area, we then work with our extensive team to understand which types of pressure points we can trigger and target, to ensure maximum relief and recovery.

Our focus is on targeted compression support. Applying compression helps to improve oxygenated blood flow, reduce pain, increase stability, and most importantly, improve recovery. Not only do we use compression to help our customers, we focus on specific trigger points within your body. By doing this, we can improve your stability and increase range of motion. Whether you’ve experienced injury or you suffer from arthritis or chronic knee pain, our targeted support will get you back on your feet and moving again.



We appreciate your continued support and commitment to the AthletikCo brand.


We are always available via e-mail at support@athletikco.com to help with any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have.


We’re always striving to offer the best for our customers and we thank you again for choosing us!

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